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What we can do to help you relocate... downsize...organize.

Settle Down is an organizing company that focuses on getting you settled.  Whether you have been in your home for 20 years and need help purging or you have been in your home for 20 hours and are overwhelmed with boxes, we are here for you. 

There are many reasons to hire an organizer.  Sometimes it’s one area of your home that has become the “catch-all” and you just don’t want to tackle it alone.  Sometimes a parent or a spouse passes away and it’s too emotional to go through their things without help.  Sometimes you just want to refresh or repurpose a room. Since COVID began, I’m finding many people are needing to find space for a home office or redo the one they have.

Whatever the issue, Settle Down can help.  We have been around since 2012, and we have worked with professional athletes, musicians (the business used to be in Nashville) and lots of “regular” people who needed the accountability, the know-how and the encouragement an organizer provides.

We’ve also helped people with moves, both in state and out.  So if you are settling into Fort Wayne, we can help in the hours or days after a move, when your belongings need a new home and a system to keep you organized.

Whether you are downsizing, moving into your forever dream home, or just don’t want to tackle your basement alone, Settle Down can help you make sense of your space.

Contact Barb Eimer today to set up your FREE consultation.  You are only one call away from getting the help you need!

Read Some Testimonials!


"Barb stepped in and empowered my parents in their downsize and move, which was nothing short of a miracle. Her grace and kindness have guided our family through one of our greatest challenges. Job well done!"

Simone K.

"I hired Barb to help me organize and downsize before a big move which required eliminating 2,000 square feet of stuff. I could never have managed without Barb's help, expertise, and sound judgement.  It was both emotionally and physically draining, but Barb made it manageable and kept me on track throughout the whole process.  She also ran a bunch of errands for me when I was too busy doing other stuff. Even after I moved out, Barb continued to make "house calls" - tidying up, checking mail, watering plants, etc. until the house sold.  Barb is dependable, efficient, and trustworthy. She has truly been a lifesaver for me."

Susan S.

"Her service was fantastic!  She kept me updated every step of the way and the before and after of my garage transformation was incredible!  Well worth the money! A+ rating!"

Mark G.

"With Chris in Chicago today, he says they love you and you have transformed their life. Wanted to pass this along..."

Mary P.


To glorify God by providing professional services and expertise to every client through the delivery of positive and permanent organization solutions.

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