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3 Reasons to Organize Your Garage this Weekend


Of all the jobs I do as an organizer, probably my least favorite areas to work in are a garage or attic.  I think it’s because these are the final resting places for things that have no home (and often no use) and it’s usually unbearably hot or cold when people decide they want help with these areas.

This leads me to today’s topic… why you need to organize your garage NOW!

1)      It’s not ridiculously hot or cold.

Fall and spring are the perfect times to organize your garage. The best, and, in my opinion, the only way to do this is to take absolutely everything out of the garage and sort it before it goes back in.  Just trust me here; you don’t want to be doing that when the temperature is in the 90’s…or the 30’s.

 In a related corollary, you want to be able to get your car into the garage before the first frost.  There is nothing more frustrating (well, maybe there are a few things, but for our example let’s pretend that there aren’t), than having a garage and scraping snow and ice off your car every morning.

2)      The longer you wait, the worse your garage will get.  

Let’s face it, once you have lost control of your garage then nobody cares and every day a few things get added to the chaos.  The only upside for me of organizing garages is that every time people find something that they had thought was lost forever.  Now, it’s not usually exciting as the wedding ring that another organizer and I found once for a client, but there are still good finds to be had.  And, in a way, garages are simple to organize because the categories are so easily identified.  Pretty much everyone has garden stuff, camping stuff, home improvement stuff (like paint) tools, car care items, bikes and toys.  

Posted 36 weeks ago

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