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Are You Ready to Hire a Professional Organizer?

1.      Can I show a total stranger my mess?

YES, YOU CAN!  Organizers are professionals and we won’t judge you.  We realize many times difficult situations can throw your life into a frenzy or things just pile up over time.  Most of us have been where you are at one point in our lives.  In other words—"What happens in Fort Wayne, stays in Fort Wayne!”  Seriously, I don’t tell others who my clients are, and your secrets are safe with me! I can even provide you with a confidentially agreement if you’d like…

2.      What if I get talked into getting rid of things that I really wanted to keep?

This will NOT happen.  Now if you have 100 empty Cool Whip containers and use five of them on a regular basis, I will probably ENCOURAGE you to recycle the rest.  But I work with you to determine how much space you have, the best use of that space and what to do with the rest.  Maybe a storage unit or the attic is the answer (at least temporarily) until you see what you use and what you really don’t need.  This isn’t housecleaning where there are fairly set parameters on the right way to do things.  Organizing is specific to each individual client.

3.      I don’t know where to start and/or I’m just overwhelmed.

There are two lines of thought here.  The first is to start with the area or room that is bothering you the most.  If you are really overwhelmed, however, we could start with a small area (like a desktop or kitchen counter) and clean it so you can see some visible progress right away.  No matter which method we use, I will work with you to help figure out a plan of attack so that you will see progress with each session.  It took you more than a day to get here and you must give yourself the grace to see that it will take more than a day to get out.

4.      Is this going to emotionally draining or difficult?

The short answer is it can be.  Most organizers make 3-4-hour appointments because that’s about the longest a client can stay focused.  I try to do most of the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively), but it can be an emotional process, especially if you are dealing with the belongings of a loved one who has died.  Again, I will work with you to make it as painless as possible, being flexible and encouraging in the process.  I definitely will move at your pace in all of this.

5.      Will this cost me a bunch of money?

Many people hire housekeepers and what they get accomplished is undone every week or two.  Organizers cost more per hour, but we are making a lasting change to your home. Also, most people don’t need an organizer every week for a year so, at least, there is an end to it!  

Finally, I will say that many times we save our clients real money in a variety of ways.  I’ve encouraged clients to cancel unused memberships, helped them put a new filing system in place so bills get paid on time, and many times I’ve just found something important to them.  Recently, it was a $100 Costco gift card discovered in a pile of tissue paper.  As Winnie the Pooh once stated, “One of the advantages of being disorganized is that one is always having surprising discoveries!”

6.      I feel like I should be able to do this by myself.  Is it bad that I want/need help?

While it’s true that in many cases one of my main functions is to provide accountability, another hat I continually wear is that of an encourager. Sometimes it’s just daunting to tackle that basement or attic alone and there is no reason to feel bad about wanting help and/or an outside perspective.  Also, because I deal with these situations every day, I’m better equipped to help you find real workable solutions.  

Many people hire personal trainers to help them get into shape. Could they do this by themselves? Yes, but it’s easier with a professional and it takes some of the pressure off them.  Well, think of professional organizers as personal trainers for your home instead of for your body!

Posted 36 weeks ago

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