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How Professional Organizers Think:  7 Steps to Success


1)  Assess

What’s working?  What’s NOT working?

Does the room serve its intended purpose?  If not, what should it be doing?

What are the essential items needed for this space?

What’s causing the mess/issue?

What kind of organizing do you like?  i.e. jeans hung or folded, do you need to see it to know it’s there, are you a minimalist, etc.

2)  Plan

Key Question in this stage is “What Would Make You Happy?”  Talk about time and budget parameters.  Decide if you need to hire a professional or if you can do this yourself.  Maybe a better question than can you do it is will you do it yourself?

3)  Implement

Like with Like:  DO NOT make decisions on what to keep in this phase…just putting pants with pants, work clothes together, travel supplies, baking supplies, etc.  

Eliminate: get rid of broken, unused, ugly, unnecessary and old…have boxes labeled and ready to go for donations, trash, items that go elsewhere in the house, things that can be sold, and things you need to return to other people.

When is the last time you used this item? What is a scenario in which you might use it and how likely is that to happen? What does it cost (in both time and money) to replace this item?  And how hard would it be to find and purchase this item again? What is the worst case scenario if you did get rid of this item?

4)  Assign a Home

Is this where you truly belong?  Watch that flat surfaces don’t become dumping grounds.  STORE IT WHERE YOU USE IT!  Set up zones for different activities.

5)  Shop

Notice that this isn’t the FIRST step! (smile)

6)  Equalize

Maintaining your space on a daily basis.  If everything is functioning well, you should be able to clean a room in 5-10 minutes…

7)  Evaluate

Does it work?  Follow up and change as needed. Use the one in one out rule.

Posted 36 weeks ago

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