let's help you stay afloat!

Organizing covers a wide umbrella of topics, but I love helping people in transition.

Recently I decided to restart my organizing company.  I had created "Yikes Organizing" in 2012 and it was a successful business in Nashville for five years. Then both of my parents passed within a year of each other and I just needed a change.  Never one to go halfway, my husband and I sold everything, bought an RV, and made it a goal to see every state in the country.  Two years and 46 states later, we started running out of steam and more importantly, money!  But that time was well spent and provided a much-needed reboot.

I was mulling over a name for this company to reflect my new focus on moves and after several bad ideas, the words "Settle Down" hit me.  I love what it implies and that you can take it literally or in a more light-hearted way—like don't get too crazy; it will be okay!

In helping my clients get their homes in order after a move, there is a start and ending date and I find it very satisfying to see something brand new take shape. I also love to help people sort and purge pre-move, so they aren’t dragging a lot of unnecessary items with them to their new home.

I have lived an interesting life. We have six grown children and four grandchildren, and we have lived on three continents. My husband and I were missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the early 90s in Congo, and I have written and published several books.

As someone who has traveled quite extensively, I can honestly say that Midwesterners are awesome and I’m excited to be back in my hometown. I look forward to meeting you!

"Interview with Professional Organizer Barb Eimer" Published November 11, 2020 by Janet Barclay >>> Link

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