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The Settle Down Client Agreement

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If we are working together to get rid of things before a move, many of the paragraphs below will apply. If I’m helping with your actual move, things will look a little different. I have done moves where the client is there and is helping me unpack, and I’ve done moves where the client isn’t even in town. As long as we have talked beforehand and I know what the plan is, I’m good to go.

When we get together to discuss your move, I will have a checklist to go over so that we are on the same page and there are no surprises. If you are downsizing and want help deciding what will fit and what to take, I can provide direction there too.
While normal organizing sessions last 3-4 hours, during a move I can work as long as you need in order to get things the way you want them.


Please don’t clean up before our initial consultation. I want to see the space how it really is so I can best help you find the right solutions. Almost everyone is nervous that I will judge them but, trust me, as a mom of six, I’m the last one to judge your “mess.” I’ve also been doing this for eight years so seriously have seen about everything. The stories I could tell…but never would! LOL


If you have to reschedule a session, please give me 48-hours notice. Appointments cancelled within 48 hours of a scheduled appointment time are subject to a cancellation change of 50% of scheduled work.

Payment is due at the end of each session unless you have made other arrangements with me. I take cash, check or PayPal.
Travel time is complementary, up to 15 miles each way. After that my hourly rate applies. I’m in southwest Fort Wayne.
Organizing sessions are three hours minimum. I usually suggest 3-4 hour sessions as it’s hard to remain focused much beyond that. I charge a flat rate of $45.00/hr.

You are responsible for your own expenses, including supplies. If I shop for you I will bill you at my hourly rate. Client agrees to reimburse SETTLE DOWN for authorized expenses.


Organizing is a team sport! The more you are involved in the process (especially after the sorting phase) the more we will accomplish and the happier you will be. That said, there are times when you may be able to turn me loose in a room for an hour to sort and we can discuss things at the end of the hour. I have occasionally worked alone if the client can’t be there for one reason or another, but it’s not an ideal situation.  Organizing can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding work. I will work at your pace and we will take breaks as needed.  I tell clients that many (if not most!) times a space will actually get worse before it starts to get better. This is normal and shouldn’t cause you any alarm. I also promise not to leave your space in total chaos at the end of a session.


I will not throw anything away without your permission. You have the final say and are responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the discarding or destroying of any records or personal effects. When in doubt, please consult your attorney, financial advisor or CPA.
I abide by NAPO’s code of ethics. (NAPO is the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.) Any physical or verbal content expressed during the course of the project will remain confidential and will not be shared with outside parties, unless required by law.  Are we a good match?

If I haven’t scared you off thus far, we are probably a good match! My ideal client is ready to make changes and isn’t afraid to dig in. He or she realizes that organizing is a personal process. Whether it’s financial papers, family heirlooms or dresser drawers, I see parts of your life that your best friend might not even see. Thus, we have to trust each other and have a good rapport. Some organizers charge for the initial consultation because they do an extensive write-up and provide clients (or potential clients) with a detailed action plan. While I can do this for you if requested, I offer a free 30 minute on-site “meet and greet” so we can see if we are compatible and you
feel comfortable having me working in your home. Sometimes clients skip this step and we just get to work and that’s fine too.

If you like my services, please pass my name on to your family and friends. I will give you an hour of free organizing as a thank you for any new business received as a result of it!

Essentials - What you must bring along when you move!

Having lived on three continents and having moved approximately 25 times in my life, I feel qualified to talk about moves. I have also lived in a six-bedroom, six-bath house and in a 32-foot RV so that angle is covered as well.

There are a myriad of articles on how to minimize stress during a move, and I’ve seen dozens of “to do” lists on how and what to pack, but not many people focus on the most important thing of all…packing an “ESSENTIALS” box.

An essentials box has everything in it that you will need to survive the first few days when you are unpacking, and everything is still in disarray. Obviously, the exact same list won’t work for everyone, as not everyone has pets or children, but this will give you a general idea of what you need to have handy.

For more details, see the below attachment:  "What You Must Bring Along When You Move"

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